Why Python is so famous in recent times

Why Python is so famous in recent times

Python becomes very popular and started including it in College and school curriculum. It is getting great gain than any other programming language today. Why? Lets see.

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Python is general purpose scripting language which is very popular today. It is originally invented by "Guido Van Rossum" in late 1980s and in existence since 1991. 

Python is cross platform - can work in many operating system and even on small IOT devices.

Used in variety of applications

  • Building Web Applications
  • Performing Scientific Calculations
  • Building Artificial Intelligence (AI)Software
  • Building Games
  • Automation scripts in RPA
  • Machine learning, Data science projects

It is very easy for programming, Interpreted, scalable, faster and dynamic in nature.

Learning Python will also helps learning object oriented programming as Python is Object

Oriented programming language.

Python can be used in prompt and interact with interpreter directly. The results can be

seen faster.

Some of the key frameworks make the software more popular

  • Django - The Web Development platform for Python
  • Tensorflow - for building AI - Artificial Intelligent applications
  • SCIPY - for Scientific computations
  • PYQT - for cross-platform applications

Then what are you waiting for come learn Python, suitable for beginner to Data scientists.

Happy Learning !



Short and simple explanation for fresher like me. Looking forward to read more.