Summer Courses

Our Summer Courses

SoftDigix Provides smart, creative and unique summer courses for young creators. Our Courses help to develop thinking, logical and creative skills for young minds. We designed this summer courses for kids aged 12+ years onwards to kickstart their coding skills.

Coding Fundamental for Beginners

This Course will give introduction of computer science concepts. In this course, students learn to code with sprites, variables, and loops and discuss societal impacts of computing and the internet.

Learn to create computer programs, develop problem-solving skills, and work through fun challenges! Make games and creative projects to share with friends, family, and teachers.

Course Details:-

Python Coding for Beginners

Python is one of the best and beginner level programming language.This course is designed for the students who wants to learn beginner level of programming using python. In this course covers fundamental of computing, programming logics, basic programming concepts, conditional and looping, Advanced data types, modules, functions and more.

We designed this course for the kids to kickstart their coding skills. In this course, will help the students to start the career in coding and software field.

Web Design for Beginners

In this course, we teach basic website building and designing. We help to create your own static web pages.

HTML and CSS are the two most important languages for a new web developer to learn. This Course enables to build a beautiful websites on your own.This Program helps to build static websites.

Javascript for Beginners

The course provide wide knowledge about web design activities.This course will improve the design skill and creative work. UX defines complete interactive with system. We have great support tutor to provide new ideas to improve design skills.

Our course designed to create strong professionals for design, creative layout,color, typography,wireframing to improve GUI. We help to create clean,professional,smart design to enhance students skills.